Empowering students to be a part of the design conversation.


design talks is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower students and new grads with the skills and creative confidence to be a part of the design conversation and grow into impactful design leaders.


Building a student design community🌈

We drive design conversations among people of different backgrounds in various student communities everywhere.



Connecting the local design industry and product people with students 🛠

The design community has a lot to share. We source bright, innovative designers and members of product teams solving complex problems at technology companies around us. We bring them in, soak in the learnings and make necessary connections.


Illuminating with talks and fireside chats 🔥

Using talks and intimate fireside chats we cut to the heart of pressing questions that the student design community has.

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Teaching skills with workshops 💪

We run workshops teaching the basics of the product design process. In a safe setting, we walk student designers through concepts like need-finding, making visual decisions and mapping user flows.

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Over 90+ students served 🚀

This is only just the beginning. We're committed to serving and helping more students in communities all over Canada.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s design leaders.



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