MISSION & story

Design is a conversation. Everyone should get a chance to speak.



We believe design is a conversation, a two way street. Design is infinitely better when everyone understands the language needed to engage in the conversation. Product designers are uniquely positioned to change so many lives—one designer can design products that changes millions of lives. Design has historically faced the challenge of engaging all the necessary parties and not everyone feels like they can or should be a part of that process. We ensure design delivers on the promise of products that change the world positively bu equipping more people with the language and skills to be a productive part of any design conversation.


To empower students with the skills and language to creatively express themselves and engage in product design conversations in whatever team they are in.


In 2017, a small group of students came together to start design talks. We were all interested in digital product design and had been learning about it ourselves.  There were just 3 of us and we figured the best way to learn was to teach it to others. So starting with our community at University of Ottawa, we booked a room, put out some fliers and hosted the first talk. We expected 30 people and 70 showed up.

We were inspired to scale and grow our impact, for all students who want to understand design.

design talks a non-profit organization, helps students understand digital product design and grow into design leaders. We firmly believe that we, as students, have a lot of agency in this. Our work starts with students taking action themselves.


We held our first workshop here. Right after a calculus class had ended.

We held our first workshop here. Right after a calculus class had ended.